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What is the Clean Annapolis River Project?
The Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) is a charitable, community-based, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1990 to work with communities and organizations to promote awareness about, and to foster the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the marine and freshwater
ecosystems of the Annapolis River Watershed.

What's New
Katie McLean, Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Clean Annapolis River Project

The striped bass (M.saxatilis), or striper, is a fish highly prized by anglers in Nova Scotia, but the fate of this species in the Bay of Fundy has come into question. Striped bass are listed as endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), and The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has indicated that there is no evidence of spawning or recruitment in the Annapolis River since the mid-seventies. With this alarming information in mind, the Clean Annapolis River Project has been working with the Striped Bass Research Collective on a research and outreach project.

It has been a busy field season with samples taken from 12 seine sites on the Annapolis River and 3 on the Bear River, as well as fyke net sites on Allains Creek and the Annapolis River. To date sampling has not yielded any striped bass, and collection will continue while conditions still permit.

Information from anglers and local residents is another key component to this project. The CARP office doubles as a Striped Bass Stewardship centre, and is always open to visitors. We have log books available for anglers who are willing to record information and collect scale samples of striped bass. If you have any information about striped bass in the Annapolis River your contribution is very important, please stop by our office or contact us by phone or e-mail.

To learn more about this or other CARP initiatives please visit our website:, call us at (902)-532-7533, e-mail us at, or stop by the office at 314 St George St., Annapolis Royal.
Our Latest Project
Annapolis River Agri-Stewardship Project
Since the inception of the program, a total of 1,432 sites have been visited and 381 detailed watercourse crossing assessments have been completed within the greater watershed.

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