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Annapolis Estuary Monitoring & Research

The main objective of CARP's estuary monitoring and research project is to fill knowledge gaps that will support the long-term restoration and stewardship of the Annapolis River estuary ecosystem, including the species-at-risk and other biodiversity it supports.

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Check out the project story map!

This story map introduces the importance of the Annapolis estuary and highlights the outcomes of the first year of our project (2021-2022).  


Calling all striped bass anglers!

We are looking for anglers who fish for striped bass in the Annapolis estuary or river to join our volunteer team. Anglers are asked to complete a log of their effort and catch data, and to collect scale samples of any fish they land. To sign-up, contact


Past work on the Annapolis Estuary

The Atlantic Canada Estuary Health Assessment project focused on increasing knowledge and enhancing integrated ecosystem planning in select estuarine environments across the four Atlantic Provinces. This project was a collaborative effort between environmental groups from the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia South Shore, Gulf of St. Lawrence, & western Newfoundland.

Check out this map to visualize the results from the Annapolis River watershed. 

Read our past year's summary reports

Check it out! 

Have you seen a tagged Striped bass?

Our partners at Acadia University have been out in the Annapolis River and estuary tagging Striped bass with external tags and equipping some with acoustic tags. If you come across a tagged fish, please report your observation! The external tags used for our project are purple and have a 4-digit number in addition to "Acadia University". Tags are located directly below the dorsal fin. 


If possible, please collect and submit as much of the following information:

  • Tag ID

  • Location of capture (lat/long, UTM, Google map point)

  • Date/time

  • Photo of tag, showing ID #

  • Length/weight

To report a tagged fish, contact Keeler Colton, <>

While we encourage you to live-release tagged fish, if you are planning to keep a tagged fish, please contact us to arrange the return of acoustic tags. 

Learn more about fish tracking at

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