Powering Innovation in the Annapolis Valley 

The transition to renewable energy technology plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as one method of mitigating future impacts of climate change.  With support from the Nova Scotia Low Carbon Communities Fund and Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSpirit Fund, CARP is teaming up with partners including the Town of Annapolis Royal, The Annapolis Valley Regional Library, the Annapolis Royal Library and many others to assist Nova Scotians in their transition to renewable energy

Project Objectives

This project has three main objectives:

1. Install a 10kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array on The Academy gymnasium roof which will have room to expand. The system will serve as an educational demonstration for local homeowners and businesses, providing the ability to access live generation information from the array and information regarding the system specifications, costs and other supporting information online and through the library.

2. Develop curriculum-linked renewable energy education modules for delivery at schools across the region. Renewable energy kits will be created as part of these modules, allowing for the development of hands on activities and lessons. Resource kits and accompanying lessons plans will be available for teachers or leaders from other youth programs to loan at no cost and a series of teacher training opportunities will be provided. If you are a teacher or youth organization leader that would like to be involved in our educational programming, please contact our Project Leader

3. Delivery of a Climate Action Fair. This Fair will be organized to bring together the various organizations, businesses and government programs that provide climate change adaptation and mitigation resources and services in a full day event that is free for the public. In addition to displays and booths, the Fair will include workshops and seminar opportunities, as well as concurrent youth programming. If you are interested in being involved in this event, please contact our Project Leader to discuss potential opportunities. 

Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia

"Nova Scotia’s Renewable Electricity Plan is making our province greener and cleaner. It supports the federal requirement that we dramatically reduce our use of coal. The plan and our Renewable Electricity Regulations laid out a clear set of legal requirements: 25 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2015, and 40 per cent by 2020. By doing so, we become less dependent on fossil fuels and less vulnerable to global price pressures." Learn more on the Government of Nova Scotia website.

Powering Innovation Confabulation

Event background and objectives

The Powering Innovation Confabulation will be a free public event that is meant to bring community members together to learn how they can adopt renewable energy technology, energy efficiency and energy conservation practices into their lives in order to help make collective action toward GHG reduction and climate change mitigation/adaptation initiatives. Our target audience includes local residents from across western Nova Scotia, small business owners, educators and community leaders. 

Thank you to everyone who made this event a great success!

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Thank you to our program funders:

This project has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Farm Credit Canada Agri Spirit Fund, The Nova Scotia Low Carbon Communities Program, and the Parker Mountain Wind Turbine Society.