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Powering Innovation in the Annapolis Valley 

Past Project 

The transition to renewable energy technology plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as one method of mitigating future impacts of climate change.  With support from the Nova Scotia Low Carbon Communities Fund and Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSpirit Fund, CARP teamed up with partners including the Town of Annapolis Royal, The Annapolis Valley Regional Library, the Annapolis Royal Library, and many others, to deliver the Powering Innovation project. 

The Academy solar photovoltaic system

In March 2020 a solar PV system was installed on the roof of the Academy gymnasium as part of a collaborative project led by Clean Annapolis River Project working in partnership with the Town of Annapolis Royal. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Nova Scotia’s Low Carbon Communities program, Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSpirit Fund and the Parker Mountain Wind Turbine Society. 

The Academy building was selected as the site for the project because it meets all of the conditions of a good solar PV site; it has an open, flat roof, and the electrical panel could be easily accessed. This building also serves as a Community Hub, creating a great opportunity to teach community members more about opportunities to adopt renewable energy technology in our area. 

The installation phase of the project involved a team of partners including Nova Sun Power, Charles Stewart Electrical and West Shore Roofing Ltd. The solar PV system on the roof of the Academy is an 11.055kW array made up of:
•    33 Canadian Solar 335W solar panels 
•    Kinetic Solar racking system mounted at a 20° angle
•    Fronius Symo 10 kW Inverter with Data logge

It is estimated that this system will generate 12,000+ kWh/year; at the current electricity rate of $0.15/kWh, this is equal to $1800 in savings on the Town electricity bill. The average residential home in Nova Scotia uses around 10,000 kWh/year, for comparison.

You can check out the real time and historical generation data online!

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Renewable Energy Kits

Thanks to the support of our project funders, there are now a number of Renewable Energy Education Kits available for loan through the Annapolis valley Regional Library system. These kits are to be used for educational purposes in a classroom or classroom-like setting and can be borrowed for free. Teacher's are able to check out the kits for use in their classrooms. Other interested users can book a time to visit one of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library locations to use the kits on site. 

Learn more about the kit contents, find accompanying lesson plans and learn how to book the kits here

Renewable Energy Youth Outreach

One of the goals of this project was to help educate the public about clean energy and sustainability.  Project Leader, Jakemen Mercer, was able to bring educational programming to over 800 youth by visiting 25 classrooms between Digby and Wolffville. The focus of his visits was to inspire youth about renewable energy technology through hands on activities with the renewable energy kits. Youth got the chance to test out model wind turbines and what factors go in to making a good, efficient wind turbine.

We also had the opportunity to have a field trip day for all grade 6 students from Bridgetown Regional Community School and Annapolis West Education Center to come to the Academy in Annapolis Royal. With the support of Clean Foundation and Green Schools Nova Scotia, students learned about renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. 

Powering Innovation Confabulation

On Saturday November 2, 2019, CARP hosted the  Powering Innovation Confabulation at the Academy in Annapolis Royal. The event was designed to allow local residents and business owners explore the world of renewable energy technology and energy sustainability and help individuals make the transition to adopting new technologies and practices. 


Thank you to the many partner organizations who made this event a great success:

Solar 101 – Solar Nova Scotia
Enviro Eddie – Clean Foundation
Efficiency Nova Scotia – Efficiency NS
Electric Vehicles – Clean Foundation (Next Ride)

HomeWarming – HomeWarming Program
Fujitsu Heat Pumps – Comeau Refrigeration
Next Ride Electric Vehicle Program – Clean Foundation
Quantum Inc. – East Coast Solar
Efficiency Nova Scotia – Efficiency NS
The Pilikan House – Nova Scotia Community College Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology (NSCC – ESET)
The Deanery Project – NSCC – ESET and The Deanery Project
Nova Scotia Solar Power Clean Energy Solutions – NCS Network
Efficient Water Management & Usage – Clean Annapolis River Project
Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) – OERA
Skylit Energy Solutions - Skylit


Thank you to our program funders:

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Scotian wind.png

This project has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Farm Credit Canada Agri Spirit Fund, The Nova Scotia Low Carbon Communities Program, and the Parker Mountain Wind Turbine Society. 

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