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By adopting me or one of my wood turtle friends you will help us by providing funds to support:

  • field surveys and monitoring

  • public education programs

  • nest protection 

  • work with landowners and managers to encourage the use of best management practices

Annapolis River Watershed


What is the "Adopt-a-Turtle" program?

CARP's adopt-a-turtle program is a way for individuals to financially support recovery and stewardship initiatives for this species at risk in the Annapolis River watershed. 

How much does an adoption cost?

Adoption packages cost $25 per year for an individual turtle. This is a figurative adoption, all of the turtles we work with remain in their natural habitats.  

What does my adoption package include?

  • Adoption certificate

  • A profile of the turtle you adopt

  • Additional educational materials

  • Charitable tax receipt

  • An invitation to participate in a field survey in your turtles home range 

Where do funds go?

Funds raised through the adopt-a-turtle program go directly to the implementation of CARP's ongoing Wood Turtle Monitoring and Stewardship projectExamples of project expenses include:

  • refurbishment of radio transmitters (each unit has an 18 month battery life)

  • purchase of new field equipment when needed, such as calipers and spring scales

  • purchase of new equipment such as GPS trackers

  • implementation of field surveys, including radio-telemetry, visual surveys and nest monitoring

  • development of new stewardship plans to guide conservation actions

  • The delivery of public education programs

How do I adopt?

View the "Meet the turtles" page and find the individual you would like to adopt. Once you know the turtle's name, purchase your adoption package through our online store and be sure to enter your turtles name. 

The Hulk

It is illegal to harass, harm or kill wood turtles. It is also illegal to keep wood turtles as pets in Nova Scotia. 

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