As a community-based organization, volunteers play a critical role in the implementation of our various projects and programs. CARP will work with interested volunteers to identify opportunities that suit individual skills and abilities. Many of our field-based volunteer roles are seasonal, with our busiest time of year being June through September.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the application form. You can download the digital file and submit by mail or e-mail, or use the electronic form below to submit your information.


*** Annapolis Marsh Tour volunteer(s)- We are looking for individuals who would be willing to lead interpretive tours highlighting natural history of the Annapolis Royal marsh and surrounding area. Training is provided. Students welcome. We hope to start the season by June 2017!

Membership committee volunteer(s)- We are seeking a volunteer who can help champion our membership program. This includes soliciting new business partners for our member incentive program, developing strategies for membership recruitment, and recruiting new members. 

Fund development committee volunteer(s)- We are seeking individuals with experience related to social enterprise and entrepreneurship who can contribute their skills to the exploration and development of new funding strategies and opportunities. 

Annapolis River Canoe & Kayak Race Volunteers- The canoe race is scheduled for Saturday May 27 and we will need volunteers to help with all aspects of the event, including registration, boat loading, timing, and the celebration BBQ. 

Wood turtle survey volunteers- We are looking for individuals to assist with nesting surveys and nest monitoring. Project details here. Training dates, times and locations are here

River Guardians

The Annapolis River Guardians perform biweekly monitoring of water quality at sites across the watershed. Sampling takes place at a set site at noon every second Sunday between April and October. Sites are located between Bridgetown and Aylesford.

There are no River Guardian vacancies for the 2016 field season

Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship

Volunteers are required to assist in locating wood turtles, tracking radio tagged individuals, collecting measurements and other data, and protecting/monitoring active nest sites. This is a field intensive position, and is great for anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. 

May-June: Visual surveys

June: Nesting surveys

September-October: Nest monitoring

May-October: Radio-telemetry

Year-round: Stewardship plan development

***We are currently looking for landowners in areas of confirmed wood turtle habitat who would be intersetd in collaborating with CARP to develop a volunatary stewardship plan for their property. To learn more visit the Wood Turtle project page.***

Annapolis River Canoe Race

Each May, CARP partners with the Nova Scotia Marathon Canoe Association to run the Annapolis River Canoe Race. This is an inclusive race, with categories for all levels of paddlers. Volunteers are needed for roles including: event planning and promotion, registration, safety boats, post-race barbeque, race timer. 

Annapolis River Festival

The inaugural Annapolis River Festival was held in July 2015. This event is CARP's signature fundraiser. Festival events include dragon boat races, canoe races, live music, food vendors, and childrens activities; see the Annapolis River Festival page to learn more. Volunteer roles range from event coordinators (planning begins almost1 year in advance), to festival day volunteers. 

Annapolis Marsh Tours

The Annapolis Marsh Tours are a fundraising program that supports CARP. Volunteer tour guides are needed to deliver interpretive tours of the Annapolis Marsh in Annapolis Royal. Tours are 2 hours and cover approximately 3.5 km.