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Help keep the good work going...

Sustaining Donor Campaign

Your monthly gift will help build a legacy of a vibrant communities centered around the Annapolis River.

Why protect our natural resources?​

  • Safe, good quality water is important for service-based industries that make up 75 per cent of Nova Scotia’s gross domestic product (GDP) (Ivany Report)

  • In Nova Scotia, 40 per cent of the population rely on groundwater from wells or springs for drinking water. The other 60 per cent rely on municipal and public drinking water supplies, which draw water from both groundwater and surface water resources (Ivany Report)

  • The Annapolis region supports the majority of Nova Scotia's agriculture industry; In 2013, the Annapolis region (including Hants, Kings and Annapolis Counties) represented approximately 51% of the agricultural industry in Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture)

  • Including spin-offs, ocean-related industries generate approximately $4.5 billion, or 12.2% of provincial GDP (Halifax Partnership)

  •  Tourism revenues in 2016 were estimated to be about $2.6 billion; pleasure visitor exit surveys in 2015 found that the scenery and natural landscapes were the main reason that visitors chose Nova Scotia (Tourism Nova Scotia)

Your monthly donation is an investment in the environmental, social and economic health of the community. By providing consistent and reliable funding, you are helping CARP to strengthen the planning and delivery of our projects and programs. 

Suggested minimum monthly donation of $10


Payment options

*To subscribe by credit card or cheque, please call Susan Lane at the CARP office:



Charitable tax receipts

Donations of $25 annually are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Tax receipts will be issued by January of the following year that the donation is received. 

Changes and cancellation

You are able to change or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

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