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Position: Agro-ecosystems Stewardship Project Lead


Start Date: Immediately                  


Remuneration: $20.00 per hour plus 4% vacation pay and statutory benefits for 35 hours per week.


The deadline for applications is February 7th.


A resume and cover letter, in one document, should be emailed to


Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be arranged for February 8th with a time and place to be determined.


Job Description/Responsibilities:


The Agro-ecosystems Stewardship Project Lead will work under the direction of CARP’s Management Team in a supportive and cooperative team environment. Much of this position involves leading the Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative ago-ecosystems initiative. This includes leading and/or assisting with the delivery of a variety of projects that focus on species at risk and biodiversity enhancement on agro-ecosystems. The candidate will be required to engage members of the public in stewardship programs and activities primarily focused within the Annapolis River watershed, but in some cases, projects may extend across southwest Nova Scotia. The successful candidate will be required to use their personal vehicle for work travel and will be compensated according to the prevailing provincial milage rate. 


This position will require a mix of office and fieldwork. The candidate must have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills and be comfortable working with members of the public and partners from external organizations.


Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • The identification and execution of strategies for effective landowner engagement in CARP programs;

  • Participation in public outreach events to support landowner engagement;

  • Citizen science volunteer training;

  • Field-based assessments such as general habitat assessments, species at risk surveys, or riparian health assessments;

  • Site identification, planning, and coordination for habitat restoration and enhancement activities;

  • Habitat restoration or enhancement activities such as tree planting (including designing shelterbelts and riparian planting projects) or fence installation;

  • Coordination, supervision, and training of project staff and/or volunteers;

  • Coordination with external partners to deliver collaborative projects, and identify project synergies or partnership opportunities; 

  • Monitoring past habitat restorations to track tree/shrub survivorship and habitat improvements;

  • Report writing for a variety of audiences, including project funders, private landowners, or members of the public;

  • Produce maps using GIS for planning or reporting purposes; 

  • Research and data synthesis or analysis; 

  • Represent CARP at workshops, meetings, or conferences; 

  • Participation in staff meetings and project planning meetings as required. 


Reporting Relationships:

The Agro-ecosystems Stewardship Project Lead will report to CARP’s Management Team on matters specific to the delivery of programs/projects and day-to-day logistics (project tracking and file sharing, use of shared equipment, assignment of auxiliary staff for tasks related to this project, etc.). and to the Administration Manager on all HR, contractual reporting, and financial matters (e.g. travel claims, sick days, alternate work hours and vacation). The  Agro-ecosystems Stewardship Project Lead works closely and in cooperation with other staff members and in accordance with all CARP policies approved by the Board of Directors. The Agro-ecosystems Stewardship Project Lead is not part of the CARP management team and no staff members report directly to them.


Responsibilities of the Employer:

The employer will provide a safe and respectful work environment free from discrimination and harassment, meet the financial obligations to promptly, and, within the financial capacity of the organization, provide the employee with equipment, materials, and supplies to carry out their duties. In consultation with the employee, the employer will carry out a performance evaluation within three months of hiring, and annually thereafter.


Responsibilities of Employee:

The employee will carry out his/her duties described above in a timely fashion, conduct himself/herself and ensure that those reporting to her/him conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow all policies of the employer and ensure that those reporting them follow all policies of the employer.


Ownership of information:

All reports are the property of the Clean Annapolis River Project or its assigns.

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