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Our Changing Shoreline

Past Project 

Many community members with waterfront properties within the tidal range of the Annapolis River have noticed changes to their shoreline over time. There are many contributing factors that can affect shoreline erosion and sediment deposition, including the natural tidal regime, the management of the tidal generating station and sluice gate, high energy storm events, and sea-level rise. Unfortunately, there is little to no data available about how the shoreline is changing, nor is there an existing monitoring program in place.

CARP is inviting citizen scientist volunteers with waterfront properties to begin collecting data about changes along the shoreline of the Annapolis River and basin. These changes could include erosion, sediment deposition, or establishment of salt grass, among others. Anyone with a waterfront property along the Annapolis Basin or the tidal range of the Annapolis River (up to Paradise) is invited to participate. 

The project: The data collection process will involve placing two stakes perpendicular to the shoreline and measuring the distance from the closest one to the shoreline on a monthly basis. Where possible, we will also ask participants to photograph both the setup and the bank each month to monitor progress. In some cases i

How to get involved: If you are interested in being a part of this project, please let us know by emailing CARP intern Abi at If you would like your property to become involved but are unable to collect the data yourself, CARP will aim to recruit a volunteer who will monitor your site. If you would like to make yourself available to take data from neighbours' properties, please indicate this in your email.

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