COUNT DAY: Saturday December 18, 2021

Join North America's longest-running citizen science program. We will be coordinating the 2021 Annapolis Royal Christmas Bird Count. 

In addition to the official count, we are hoping to offer programs to help new participants join. Stay tuned for details!


CBC Circle Map Annapolis Royal.jpg

Find the count near you, check the Nova Scotia Bird Society website

How can I participate in the count?

Field Counts

  • The Annapolis Royal circle has been divided into sub-areas, for individuals or small groups conduct surveys

  • When possible, we aim to pair new birders with experienced CBC participants. 

  • Observation sheets, which include space to record party effort, species, weather, contact information, rare bird reports, etc., will be provided to each team. 

  • There is no fixed amount of time that must be spent on a field survey. We ask that groups try to cover their area as fully as possible. 

Feeder Watch 

  • Anyone living within the Annapolis Royal circle can conduct a feeder watch from home. 

  • There is no set time that must be spent watching the feeder. You can break up the count into a series of small segments. Counts are based on the largest number of any species seen at a single time.