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Renewable Energy Education Kits

There are three Renewable Energy Kits available, containing model technology  products  from Horizon Educational. Each tote contains 5 Renewable Energy Science Kits, 3 Electric Mobility Science Kits (multi-energy car) and 3 Horizon Energy Monitors. There is also a 20” box fan which can be borrowed if needed for wind based experiments.

How to borrow the kits


The Renewable Energy Kits are available to be borrowed from the Valley Regional Library. Teachers are able to loan the kits and bring them into classrooms. Other educators, youth group leaders or other groups can book a time at their local Valley Regional Library to use the kits on site. There will be one kit kept at the Innovation Lab at the Annapolis Royal Library. 

For teachers who are checking the kits out, there is a 2 week maximum loan period before the kits  need to be returned.  Each tote provides enough equipment for 15 students to work in groups of 3 (3 students/1 Renewable Energy Science Kit, 5 kits/tote).

HERE is the Library link to borrow the kits. Remember, to place a hold on the kits you must be logged in to the Valley Regional Library website.

Lesson Plans

There are 14 different lessons plans available  through the Horizon Energy Curriculum  relating to the renewable energy kits. The lesson plans through the Horizon Energy Curriculum website require a simple sign up. You just need a username, password and email.  This will allow you to see all of the lesson plans for the kits. Also, the lesson plans can be downloaded as PDFs so that you can access them at any time.


The Horizon Energy lesson plans are found HERE and you can use the filter on the left to organize the lesson plans by product to more easily find the kits and the plans associated with them.

Through classroom visits of our own, we have also created a lesson plan based on wind energy and wind turbines. They have been divided into grades 6-9 and 10-12 and are accessible below.

Wind Energy Lesson Plan Grades 6-9

Wind Energy Lesson Plan Grades 10-12

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